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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recap of the past year

I have been so bad at blogging. I read my friends blogs regularly and always love hearing what they are up to or what is on their mind. I never feel like I have anything that interesting to say or that anyone would really care to read. I think I am just going to start treating this like a personal journal of our daily lives, almost like a scrapbook/journal. There are so many sweet moments in life and I feel like I have forgotten so many and would have loved if I had been documenting them all along.

One thing that I LOVE that my mom did for my sister and I was that she started a journal for both of us (before we were even born!). She would write about the funny things we did, our milestones, and just our daily lives. We love looking back at those journals, reminiscing, and finding out what we were really like as kids!

So who cares if others read this or not. And who cares what they think (not me anymore)! I am going to start writing so that I don't lose all those sweet moments and memories. The next couple of days I am going to post special moments and memories that have happened over the past year. Then I will write about where in the world Ty and I are now and where we are going next!



  1. Girl, you better believe I will be reading! Love YOU and all that you have to say!

  2. Yeah, what McKenzie says! I totally blog just as our personal journal (that's why i over load with pics lol). And the ppl that really care will always love what you have to say...i do!

  3. Amen, amen, and amen to what McKenzie and Emma have said! Im so glad you started this up again, I need to keep up with my sweet Marie when she moves to Hawaii! can't wait to keep reading, i love u boo!

  4. Thanks friends for the support! Love you ladies!