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Friday, October 28, 2011

Extrodinary English Architecture

I went to Enland in the spring of 2009. There were so many amazing views, buildings, landscapes, cathedrals, cottages, castles.... I was blown away by how much beauty one country could hold. I'd like to share the stunning architectural designs that wowed me while I was there. 
 Windsor Castle

 The Church at Windsor Castle

 Gorgeous royal gates for Buckingham Palace

 Buckingham Palace

Random pretty building

 Westminster Abbey


Big Ben

Eye of London

Tower Bridge

Even the Starbucks is unique!

Shakespeare's Globe Theater- a must if you are ever in London

Salisbury Cathedral


The London egg shaped building

Saint Paul's Cathedral

My own canopy dreamy bed

So it has been a while since I posted on here and I don't even know if anyone will read this but I promised 9 months ago to post what Ty and I did to our bed to resemble the old time canopy beds I am obsessed with! Here are the pictures- finally!

We got the fabric at ikea, a two pack for $5! We bought two packs so we had 4 curtains to work with, we just used thumb tacs to hold them up! Super simple and cheap idea. Also, the icicle Christmas lights were an added surprise that Ty added while I was on vacation. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

First Ladies

The women behind our nations presidents are just as important as the presidents themselves. These women have been part of our nations history and behind some of the most imporant men of our country. A First Ladies job is not easy. These are some of our countrys' beautiful First Ladies.

Nancy Reagan
“I think it’s an important, legitimate role for a First Lady to look after a President’s health and well being. And if that interferes with other plans, so be it. No first lady need to make apologies for looking out for her husband’s personal welfare…The First Lady is, first of all, a wife."

Interesting fact: she was in plays and in serveral films.

 Baraba Bush
"The First Lady is going to be criticized no matter what she does. If she does too little. If she does too much. And I think you just have to be yourself and do the best you can. And so what? That’s the way it is."

Interesting fact: In just the first 8 months of marriage Barbara Bush moved from Michagin, to Maine, to Virignia becuase George Bush naval training had him at differnent bases in those states.

 Elizabeth Monroe
"When her husband was named U.S. Minister to France, they relocated to Paris. Elizabeth Monroe was immediately fond of the city and its people, and she was well-received there by both the local and diplomatic communities. During the last days of the French Revolution, Elizabeth Monroe made a name for herself by her courageous visit to Adrienne de Noiolles de Lafayette, the imprisoned wife of the Marquis de Lafayette - the great personal friend of George Washington and many other revolutionary era patriots and France's most prominent supporter of American independence.  Elizabeth Monroe, in the American Embassy’s carriage, made it a point to visit the woman in prison; it was as clear a message as could be made unofficially by the U.S. government.  Not wishing to offend their ally, the French government used Elizabeth Monroe’s "unofficial" interest in Adrienne de Lafayette to release her on January 22, 1795 without any official provocation and thus maintain their alliance with the U.S. yet save face for the imprisonment. "

Hillary Clinton
“The American people have made the role of the First Lady one of the most important jobs in the country. ... It is a tribute to American women that, coming from different social and economic backgrounds, from many different geographical regions, and with diverse educational preparation, each First Lady served our country so well. Each left her own mark, and each teaches us something special about our history.”

Interesting fact: As a young women she applied to NASAs space program and she was stunned when she was told that girls were not accepted into the program.

Jackie Kennedy
"I think the major role of the First Lady is to take care of the President so that he can best serve the people. And not to fail her family, her husband, and children."

Laura Bush
"The role of First Lady is whatever the First Lady wants it to be."

Mamie Eisenhower
"Of course, being mistress of the White House is a terrific responsibility,
and I am truly grateful for my Army wife training."

Being that her husband was in the military their first home was in the barracks! They has 33 homes in the first 37 years of their marriage, all due to Dwight's career assignments. That's a lot of moving!

Martha Washington
"The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances."

Iteresting fact: At 19 years old Martha married for the first time, she lived in a mansion called "white house" with her husband and two children. At 26 she was widowed and at 27 married George Washington.

Pat Nixon
“I just want to go down in history as the wife of the President.”
Interesting fact: She was the first First Lady to earn a graduate degree.

Michelle Obama
"Policies that support families aren't political issues.
They're personal. They're the causes I carry with me every single day."

Interesting fact: Michelle Obama stands at the same height as Eleanor Roosevelt, making them both equally the tallest First Ladies

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Last year I was in Virginia visiting some friends with my husband (at the time boyfriend). One day we made a trip to Williamsburg. It is an old city that has been preserved. I really enjoyed going through the homes and seeing the decor style. I fell in love with the four poster bed, canopy's and draping of fabrics on the bed. The first 6 pictures are from Williamsburg, and the last are a more modern take on this..


And now for the modern look..

There is something charming and romantic, dreamy and even princess-like in these photos. This week Ty and I did a little project with our bed and possibly some draping..  Come back in a couple days and I will post what we did.. I am loving it!