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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's official: We are moving to Hawaii!!

Okay... so it has been official for several months but it feels "for real" official to me now because we just got our tickets from Minneapolis to Honolulu! With the Marine Corps (and I am sure the other branches too) things are subject to change at any time and things aren't really official until you are actually there and doing it. 

My husband got orders for Hawaii back in July and we had a "plan" but of course the Marine Corps had something else in mind, so we had to deviate from our perfect little plan and just go with the flow for a while. Honestly, life usually ends up working out way better than my puny little "plans," but it can be hard giving up control and not doing things the way I want to.

These past two months I got to be in Minnesota with family and friends to catch up and get lots of quality time in before I live a daunting 4,000 miles from "home." While being here I was reminded of just how blessed Ty and I are with so many amazing people who love and support us. So in reality this other way of things being done by the Marine Corps ended up being a blessing in disguise. 

At this point I am sad to say goodbye to loved ones here in Minnesota, but I am also so ready for the turquoise waters, palm trees and island vibes! I am ready for the next chapter of our lives and just feel so grateful to be able to have this great adventure with my best friend in paradise.

Can't wait until the pics I am posting of Hawaii are my own!



  1. This is so awesome! Good luck girly I'll have to visit you with all my 5 kids.... Haha love ya!

  2. wohoo hawaii!! you can leave your minnesota boots and sweaters behind that is for sure. glad it is finally official! i mean how stressful it can be since i grew up with my dad in the air force

  3. Can't wait until you get here! You're going to love it Marie!