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Monday, December 10, 2012

Crock pots & Paradise

We've been living in Hawaii at the Lodge at Kaneohe Bay for the past month. Basically our room is a normal hotel room with a medium sized refrigerator and freezer, a sink, and a microwave. It is pretty nice (no five-star hotel, but it isn't bad) and it's right on base which is super convenient with us sharing a car! They have a decent breakfast in the mornings which has been really nice and again convenient, especially because they have coffee 24 hours a day and my husband is somewhat of an addict- people call him Starbucks.

Since we don't have an oven or even a hot plate (flat heated surface, typically portable, used for cooking food or keeping it hot- silly enough, didn't know what it was until I came here) we've been eating out a lot, cooking on the grills at the courtyard at the lodge, eating Panera's frozen soups and sadly a few nights have been the classic microwave dinners.

Last week I decided to buy a crock pot. We already have a crock pot, but it is in storage somewhere in Honolulu until we get a house on base. It was hard for me to convince myself to buy something that I already had and didn't really "need," but I am so glad that I got it. We've had a couple meals in it so far, pot roast, Mexican chicken, and chicken tortilla soup. Walking into our room smelling cooking food has been a nice way to feel at home. This week I am going to try some new recipes in the and I am excited to see how they turn out! I am trying Italian chicken tonight and crock pot meatloaf tomorrow. Sounds way better than anything that comes out of a cardboard box and it is much more budget friendly than going out to eat.

What are your favorite go-to crock-pot meals?


  1. I usually do a hunk of meat and some vegetables, those are our favorites especially in the winter. But I've heard you can roast a whole chicken in it (without liquid!) which sounds pretty cool!

    I'm glad you are surviving in a hotel room, I'm sure it's all worth it! Hope the hubby is doing well and having no problems with his unit.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight! I love your comments!

    1. Dana, that sounds really interesting and yummy to do a whole chicken. Not sure if I could do it though, I really do not like bones with my meat. lol!

      Ty is getting on with his unit very well, his guys are great. It's an adjustment going to the real daily grind of Marine Corps life, as I am sure you know plenty well.

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  3. Mmmmmm sounds so delish Marie!!! I love crock pot potato soup;0) it's been a long while since I've made it, so i will look up the recipe and get it to u! So glad to hear y'all are enjoying it over there :0) hotel life sounds fun and I'm actually looking forward to it! Haha love you!!!

    1. Yummm Shannon, potatoe soup is Ty's fave, I'd love that recipe!! Hotel life is kinda nice, you don't have to make your bed or have any of the normal home responsibilities, plus you get to try out new restaurants and not have to fork out your own $$!:)